Lang X-Ray can assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your digital medical, veterinary or dental equipment. We can assist you in finding answers to your questions and assist in finding the best fit for your facility. We can also educate you on the terms and technologies associated with digital applications.

DR - Direct Radiology:
DR systems perform digital capture and image processing without the need to handle cassettes. DR systems convert x-rays directly from a digital detector panel into a digital image.

CR - Computed Radiography:
CR systems are considered indirect systems that convert x-rays to light as an intermediate step. CR systems use a film-less cassette (a phosphor plate) to store the image and a reader/eraser to convert the stored illuminated image into a digital image.

PACS - Picture Archiving & Communications Systems:
Computer archiving with electronic sharing of images easily facilitating telemedicine consults and integrating images into patient/client files.

DICOM - Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine:
DICOM is an image standard which aids in the distribution and viewing of medical images.